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Chong BonBu Dojang

" World HQ House of the Way "

Hwa Rang Do® World Headquarters Academy has been located in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1968! Serving the community for so many years brings us great pride. There have been a number of local families involved here at our school for multiple generations - there are some families where not only the parents and children have trained here, but also 3 generations from grandparents to grandchildren!

Our current location is a very large and spacious facility with mats. World Headquarters Academy  is at 13762 Newport Ave., Second Floor, Suite #201~ #204, Tustin, CA 92780. Tel (714) 731-5425(KICK).


We should also mention that if you also need any medical attention from any type of ailment there is the DONGKOOK HEALTH CARE CENTER directed by our art founder Dr. Joo-Bang Lee O.M.D., Lac., Ph.D. The office is in the same location at 13762 Newport Ave., Second Floor, Suite # 205, of the main Hwa Rang Do® Building.


The phone number to the health care center is (714) 838-6789 Fax (714) 731-5420

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