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Tae Soo Do®


Tae Soo Do® is the undergraduate program for beginner Martial Artists. It is designed by the Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee, to help understand the fundamentals, basic mechanics and philosophies of the practice. Tae Soo Do® is also considered the sport version of Hwa Rang Do®.  


The Curriculum


  • Linear and Circular Kicking

  • Linear and Circular Blocks and Hand Strikes

  • Combinations: Kick-Boxing

  • Sparring: Light to Medium Contact

  • Basic Take-Downs and Throws

  • Basic Ground Fighting and Choking

  • Basic Joint Manipulation

  • Practical Self-Defense Techniques

  • Weaponry: Ssang Jyel Bong, Jang Bong, Juk Do, Jang Gum

  • Weapon and Open Hand Forms

  • Basic Acrobatics and Falling Techniques

  • Stretching and Agility Drills


The Stages of Growth


Tae Soo Do® can be compared to a High School Education, while Hwa Rang Do® to the following College studies.

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