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school creed

A Legacy of Loyalty

Almost 2000 years of existence devoting our lives in the name of King, Country and Humanity

Relentlessly Seeking Truth

Our lifelong conviction leads us to search, understand and embrace the wisdom that lies within ourselves and in the Ultimate

Empowering Lives

Expanding our limits and believing in our true potential is the key to living a meaningful, fulfilling life


Serving Humanity

We better ourselves with the final goal of inspiring others, empowering the world one person at a time

In order to realize our mission, we live our lives following a noble code of ethics that have been transmitted since the time of the Hwarang Knights, almost 2000 years ago:



사군이충  SA GUN E CHOONGLoyalty to one’s King and Country

사친이효 – SA CHIN E HYOLoyalty to one’s parents and teachers

교우이신 –  KYO WOO E SHIN – Trust and brotherhood among friends

임전무퇴 – IM JEON MU TWAE – Courage never to retreat in the face of the enemy

살생유택 –  SAL SENG YOO TECH – Justice never to take a life without a cause


In addition, the Founder of Hwa Rang Do®, Dr. Joo Bang Lee, added the following nine doctrines that are now part of our code:

 – IN - Humanity


 – UEI - Justice


 – YAE - Courtesy


 – JI - Wisdom


 – SHIN - Trust


 – SUN - Goodness

 – DUK Virtue

 – CHOONGLoyalty

 – YONG - Courage

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