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Hwa RANG Do®


Hwa Rang Do® is an 1800 years old Korean Martial and Healing Art System.
Its theory is based on the Um-Yang principle and it is the most comprehensive martial art in the world.

Hwa Rang Do® is a balance of both soft/circular and hard/linear movements divided in 4 divisions:


Nae Gong
Development of Internal Energy, Ki Power, through meditation and breathing exercises.


Wae Gong

Development of External Powers for the achievement of complete physical control. It includes:
4,000 self-defense techniques

365 kicking combination, both hard/linear and soft/circular


Shin Gong

Development of Mental Concentration and Alertness through disciplined regiment, enhancing better focus and the study of martial philosophy in order to apply its principles to everyday life.

Mu Gi Gong

Development of control and of mastery of External Objects.

In Hwa Rang Do® curriculum are included 108 different weapons.

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